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Pedal to Perfection: 5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Bike in Top Condition with Manly Bikes

  1. Regular Maintenance: Regular check-ups and tune-ups are important to keep your bike running smoothly. Inspect the bike for any damage or wear, clean and lubricate the chains, and adjust brakes and gears if needed.

  2. Cleaning: Regular cleaning can help keep your bike looking good and extend its life. Use a soft brush and water to clean off any dirt or grime. Avoid using high-pressure washers, which can damage the bike.

  3. Proper Storage: Store your bike indoors if possible to prevent rust and damage to the tires.

  4. Inflate Tires: Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for both safety and performance. Check the tire pressure regularly and inflate if necessary.

  5. Lubrication: Lubricating the chains, gears, and other moving parts can help prevent rust and wear. Use a high-quality lubricant to keep your bike running smoothly.


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