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E-Bike - Guided Tour - $159

Experience Manly's beauty with our Guided E-Bike Tour, led by knowledgeable local experts who possess both experience and first aid certification. Each guide comes prepared with a First Aid Kit and a mobile phone to ensure your safety. During this 2.5-hour journey, you will explore Sydney's most picturesque town using Manly's extensive bicycle network. Discover hidden gems, including breathtaking lookouts and secluded beaches, as you cover approximately 10km. The tour starts and finishes at Manly Bikes. While we can accommodate flexible tour start times, we recommend morning tours from Monday to Friday for the best experience.

Recommended Itinerary: The majority of our guided bike tour takes place on dedicated bike paths and lanes, ensuring a pleasant and safe experience. The only portion of the tour that requires riding on the road is within North Head National Park. However, you can expect to see many people engaging in outdoor activities in this area, as North Scenic Drive in North Head primarily leads to various lookouts and has no other destinations. This makes for a secure and enjoyable cycling adventure as you take in the stunning views. ● Maximum 12 persons per 2 guides (One guide leading and one guide following the group).


● Tour Guide/s – Exclusive to the group.

● Bike and Helmets.

● Bottled Water.

Mountain Bike - Guided Tour - Manly Dam 2.5 to 3.5 hours (intermediate to advance level) - $229

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