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At our bicycle shop, we offer four tiers of comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your bike is in top shape. Our Basic Service includes:

  1. Gear Adjustment: A precise alignment of your bike's gears to ensure smooth shifting and optimal performance.

  2. Brakes Adjusted: A thorough check and adjustment of your brake system to ensure proper function and safe stopping.

  3. Frame and Component Inspection: A thorough examination of your bike's frame and components to identify any potential issues and address them before they become bigger problems.

  4. Chain and Drivetrain Lubrication: A careful application of lubricant to your chain and drivetrain to reduce friction, prevent rust and extend the life of your components.

  5. Tyres Inflated to Recommended PSI: Correct tyre inflation is essential for optimal performance and safety. Our technicians will inflate your tyres to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

  6. Frame Wipe Down: A thorough cleaning of your frame to remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated during use.

The General Service builds on the features of the Basic Service and includes:

  1. Derailleur Hanger Adjustment: An adjustment of your derailleur hanger to ensure proper alignment and shifting.

  2. Adjust Wheel Cones / Bearings: A precise adjustment of your wheel cones and bearings to ensure smooth rolling and proper function.

  3. Wheels Trued (on the bike): Correction of any minor misalignment in your wheels to ensure straight and true rotation.

  4. Part and Accessory Installation: Our technicians will install any parts or accessories that you would like to add to your bike (some exclusions may apply).

The General Plus Service includes all of the features of the General Service, as well as:

  1. Drive Train Cleaned and Degreased: A thorough cleaning of your drivetrain to remove built-up grime and grease, which can impede performance and shorten the lifespan of your components.

  2. Headset & Bottom Bracket Re-grease: A reapplication of lubricant to your headset and bottom bracket to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

  3. Brake Bleed: A removal of any air in your brake system to improve brake performance and reduce the risk of failure.

  4. Suspension Adjustment: An adjustment of your suspension system (if required) to ensure optimal performance and comfort on the trails.

Finally, our Gold Service includes all of the features of the General Plus Service, as well as:

  1. Bike Wash: A full wash of your bike to remove any dirt or grime and restore its shine.

  2. Bike Stripped Down: A complete disassembly of your bike to perform a deep clean and inspection of all components.

  3. Delivery & Pickup Available: Convenient delivery and pickup options to make the maintenance process even more stress-free.

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